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  •  Pallet stacking forklift AGV
    Pallet stacking forklift AGV

    The AGV intelligent control system of pallet stacking forklift can realize multi vehicle scheduling and can be connected with ERP, MES and WMS systems

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  •  Autonomous logistics handling robot
    Autonomous logistics handling robot

    Autonomous logistics handling robot is a complete intelligent factory handling link. Intelligent transportation is the external performance, and informatization is the internal essence. The traditional manufacturing industry should consider the intelligent logistics transportation which can be embedded in the actual application scenarios in the construction hardware and software.

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  •  Pallet digger forklift
    Pallet digger forklift

    In the process of operation, the pallet digger forklift can accurately identify the posture and position of the pallet. Even if the pallet is moved, it can also be adjusted in time to achieve efficient and accurate forking of goods.

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  •  Trackless material handling robot
    Trackless material handling robot

    Material handling is very important to improve the efficiency of warehouse operation, material handling also directly affects the production efficiency. The trackless material handling robot adopts the indoor vision positioning and navigation technology which is independently developed. Based on the natural characteristics of the environment, the trackless material handling robot can independently locate and plan the path without track and landmark.

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  •  Material handling robot
    Material handling robot

    Material handling robot is a kind of small AGV which can be loaded and towed. It is used in material transfer of various industries and can be customized according to different requirements.

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  •  Warehouse logistics robot
    Warehouse logistics robot

    Blue core technology warehouse logistics robot is an intelligent mobile robot developed based on the natural unmarked navigation technology. Without the aid of any auxiliary markers, it can realize the robot's autonomous and automatic operation in the factory, warehouse, workshop and other indoor environment through the visual sensor and the unique intelligent navigation algorithm of bluecore technology

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  •  Mobile bin robot
    Mobile bin robot

    Based on the natural characteristics of the environment, the mobile bin robot maps, navigates and plans the path, without laying tracks and landmarks, installing reflectors, and modifying the customer's working scene.

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  •  Mobile picking robot
    Mobile picking robot

    Based on the natural characteristics of the environment, the mobile picking robot maps, navigates and plans the path, and does not need to lay tracks and landmarks, install reflectors, and transform the customer's working scene.

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  •  Intelligent unmanned carrier
    Intelligent unmanned carrier

    In the three-dimensional warehouse unit of flexible production line system, the intelligent unmanned carrier mainly completes the boring loading and unloading and transportation, that is, warehousing, handling and other operations. The intelligent unmanned carrier can automatically enter and exit the loading and unloading station 24 hours a day. The worktable, shelf, fully adapt to the working time, have large loading and unloading capacity, and the loading and unloading line is complex and flexible

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  •  Diving into the jack up handling robot
    Diving into the jack up handling robot

    With the gradual development of factory automation and computer integrated manufacturing system technology, as well as the wide application of flexible manufacturing system and automated warehouse, the jack up handling robot is used as the necessary automatic handling and loading means to connect and adjust the discrete logistics management system to make the operation continuous.

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about us

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Bluecore technology brings together domestic and foreign professional and technical talents, including 5 PhD students from domestic and foreign universities and 28 graduate students from key universities. The company empowers mobile robots with "deep vision" lx-mrdvs to provide safe, reliable and intelligent flexible logistics solutions for manufacturing customers. It is a self-developed and batch applied enterprise in the field of mobile robots. Existing products include amr3d vision sensor (including intelligent algorithm), intelligent handling robot, SMT loading and unloading robot, printing machine / coating machine loading and unloading robot, composite robot, unmanned forklift, etc. The cooperative customers include Huawei, ZTE, Toshiba, Foxconn, TPV, Qiangli Jucai, Lixun, Hynix, Sunmoon group, Longji, Toshiba, etc.
Address: 7-902, China artificial intelligence Town, 1818-2 Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou
Email: wjfang@robvision.cn
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